Back in April, I flagged the then-impending publication of the brand-new sixth edition of Aspen Publishers’ National Security Law casebook, and third edition of its Counterterrorism Law casebook (both of which are now available in print, and make fantastic birthday presents weightlifting implements door stoppers). Although I’m biased (as one of the co-authors), I think one of the best virtues of these books is the extent to which they’re designed to be teachable, especially the new editions. To that end, I wanted to flag that the Teacher’s Manual for National Security Law (checking in at 457 pages) will be available to adopters in the next few days via the book’s website, and that the Manual for Counterterrorism Law will follow in close order. 

Both of the Manuals provide background and summaries of the primary teaching materials, and answer the questions we raise in the Notes and Questions. We also make pedagogical suggestions that may help instructors decide which subjects to cover and how to trim some otherwise lengthy assignments. In some instances, we’ve even added brief updates where important new developments have occurred since our books went to press in the spring.

Needless to say, I hope that providing such comprehensive Teacher’s Manuals will make it easier, or at least more interesting and attractive, to teach in this ever-burgeoning field, and hope folks will feel free to reach out to me if they have any questions about the Manuals or the casebooks themselves.