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Politicians Keep Buying Kris Kobach’s Ideas Despite Track Record of Failure


Kris Kobach, the Secretary of State for Kansas and an anti-immigrant and vote-suppressing activist, has been angling for a job in the Trump administration since the election. But which of Kobach’s two long-time obsessions—making life miserable for immigrants (including his so-called “self-deportation” policies) or making it impossible for certain citizens to vote—would the Trump administration indulge?…   continue »

Trump Isn’t Fighting Human Trafficking, He’s Facilitating It


In an interview with Bloomberg on Monday, President Donald Trump argued that we need his border wall to fight human trafficking, which he described as “probably worse than it ever was in history, if you think about it.” He added it’s “a problem that you should write something about at some point.”

Trump’s reading of history disregards the transatlantic slave trade, but, I agree with him on this last point: More attention can always be brought to the problem, and I applaud any president for raising awareness about it.  continue »

Norms Watch: The 100 Days Edition (Apr. 21-28)

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At the 100-day mark of his presidency, it is Trump’s norm violations that likely represent his most significant achievements. While Trump’s political agenda has been stymied and his legislatives accomplishments are few, he has successfully trampled over norms and shattered ethical standards with few consequences.  continue »

‘America First’ Leaves the Border Behind

Border security is a concept that, among Americans, usually conjures up images of dusty, desert expanses in our southwest.  Maybe it includes a cactus or a dark-green clad Border Patrolman on horseback or standing near his truck, seemingly at the ready to catch the next illegal immigrant, drug mule or terrorist crossing the U.S.-Mexican border.…   continue »

To Senate Committee on Homeland Security: Five Questions for Secretary Kelly About Passwords Demands at the Border


On January 31, an NASA engineer and U.S. citizen, Sidd Bikkannavar, was informed by federal border agents he hat he was required to turn over the password to his smartphone on his way into the country, that doing so was mandatory, and that if he failed to comply, the phone could be seized.  …   continue »

Why Trump’s Travel and Refugee Ban is Doomed


Contrary to President Donald Trump’s recent suggestion that his revised travel ban is the victim of “judicial overreach,” his problem isn’t just courts in the Ninth Circuit, which have now repeatedly halted his immigration orders. It’s the executive order itself, and the intent behind it.…   continue »