Law of Armed Conflict

Q&A on Russia-Backed Referendums in Eastern Ukraine and International Law

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Sep 24th, 2022

Let’s Talk About Compliance with International Humanitarian Law


Aug 24th, 2022

What Was the International Legal Basis for the Strike on al-Zawahiri?


Aug 9th, 2022

New Armed Conflict in DR Congo: A Renewed Call for Civilian Protection

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Jun 30th, 2022

Defense Dept Law of War Manual and Its Unintended Readings: On Civilians Assuming Risk of Harm

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May 13th, 2022

The Prohibition on Indiscriminate Attacks: The US Position vs. the DoD Law of War Manual


May 3rd, 2022

Ukraine and War Powers: A Legal Explainer


Mar 3rd, 2022

Russia’s “Occupation by Proxy” of Eastern Ukraine – Implications Under the Geneva Conventions


Feb 22nd, 2022

What I Told Congress about U.S. Lethal Strikes


Feb 17th, 2022

Clear Error in the Defense Department’s Law of War Manual: On Presumptions of Civilian Status


Feb 9th, 2022

The Al-Qurayshi Operation and Minimization of Civilian Casualties

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Feb 3rd, 2022

Polemical Pacifism: The Wonkfare of Samuel Moyn


Sep 28th, 2021

Activism and Consequences


Sep 18th, 2021

The Humanity of Michael Ratner, The Fabrications of Samuel Moyn

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Sep 13th, 2021

How to Responsibly End Three Key Rights-Abusing Post-9/11 Policies

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Sep 9th, 2021

Oh, the Humanity


Sep 8th, 2021

Extraterritorial Counterterrorism: Policymaking v. Law


Jul 15th, 2021

Toward a True Account of Collateral Damage in U.S. Military Operations


Jun 23rd, 2021

The IDF Attack on Al Jalaa Tower: Criticisms Are Correct on the Law, But Mistaken in Applying It


May 28th, 2021

The IDF’s Unlawful Attack on Al Jalaa Tower


May 27th, 2021

The Illegality of Targeting Civilians by Way of Belligerent Reprisal: Implications for U.S. Nuclear Doctrine

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May 10th, 2021

Renouncing Reprisals: An Opportunity for the Biden Administration


Apr 1st, 2021

Germany’s Positions on International Law in Cyberspace Part II


Mar 10th, 2021

Principles for a 2021 Authorization for Use of Military Force

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Mar 5th, 2021

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