United Nations

How the UN Can Strengthen its Peacekeeping Mission in the Central African Republic Amid a Changed Conflict

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Oct 20th, 2021

Taliban Governance of NGOs – What to Expect and How to Respond


Oct 15th, 2021

The Relay Race of Defining Crimes Against Humanity – From the International Tribunals to the Draft Articles


Sep 27th, 2021

Crimes of Omission: Why a UN Treaty on Genocide but Not on Crimes Against Humanity?


Sep 21st, 2021

Why the UN Needs a Comprehensive “Agenda for Protection”


Sep 20th, 2021

The Failure of Transitional Justice in Afghanistan: Impunity Turned Into Law


Sep 16th, 2021

As the Draft Crimes Against Humanity Treaty Moves Forward, a View on How It Relates to the Rome Statute for the ICC


Sep 15th, 2021

How the UN General Assembly Can Respond to Atrocity Crimes at Its 76th Session


Sep 14th, 2021

Towards a New Treaty on Crimes Against Humanity: Next Steps


Sep 13th, 2021

Human Rights Advocacy and the Institutionalization of U.S. “Counterterrorism” Policies Since 9/11


Sep 9th, 2021

Afghans Need More Than Solidarity

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Aug 25th, 2021

Expert Backgrounder: How Can The Taliban Be Prevented From Representing Afghanistan In The United Nations?


Aug 18th, 2021

In Afghanistan, Lest We Forget


Aug 16th, 2021

Cybercrime is Dangerous, But a New UN Treaty Could Be Worse for Rights


Aug 13th, 2021

Behind the Scenes of the Global Counterterrorism Forum: A Bypass of Human Rights and UN Consensus?

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Aug 10th, 2021

What the Review of the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy Tells Us About How Far We Have Come Since 9/11

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Jul 27th, 2021

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