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Recap of Recent Posts on Just Security (May 20 – May 26)

I. Trump Administration Foreign Policy

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Fighting to Protect Children in Conflict


When the United States ordered retaliation in response to Syria’s use of chemical weapons in Idlib, President Donald Trump spoke of “innocent children, innocent babies, little babies” and of breaches of “international norms” that had “crossed many, many lines, beyond a red line.”

But this is not the only recent example of moral lines being crossed in Syria and elsewhere.…   continue »

Wallet as Weapon: the Coming US Assault on the International Human Rights System


These days, the Trump administration is not just threatening human rights with executive orders, tomahawk missiles and tweets. It is also wielding the government’s wallet as a weapon against the international human rights system, proposing to cut or withhold billions of dollars in funding for a variety of international institutions that play crucial roles in the defense and promotion of human rights.…   continue »

UN Counterterrorism Reform Overlooks Crucial Partner


Only a few weeks into his tenure as UN Secretary-General, António Guterres has been under pressure to fix the UN’s efforts to deal with terrorism and violent extremism. The programs he inherited are badly disorganized, while the threats are increasingly undermining not only international peace and security, but also the development goals at the top of his agenda.…   continue »

Trump’s Muddled Message on Human Rights and Security


It seems that President Donald Trump and his Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, have their wires crossed yet again. The president, despite strong objections from human rights activists and many foreign policy professionals, hosted Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi this week at the White House, even referring to him as a “fantastic guy.” The visit coincided with the first working day of the United States’ rotating presidency of the UN Security Council.  …   continue »

The Global Counterterrorism Forum–Multilateralism that Even Trump Should Like


In his first speech to Congress, President Donald Trump said that, “our foreign policy calls for a direct, robust and meaningful engagement with the world.” However, it is hard to tell how he intends to engage with the United Nations and other multilateral institutions that have been at the heart of America’s efforts in this regard for over 70 years. …   continue »