Steve Vladeck

Executive Editor

Steve Vladeck (@steve_vladeck) holds the Charles Alan Wright Chair in Federal Courts at the University of Texas School of Law and is also a senior editor of the Journal of National Security Law & Policy; a contributing editor to the Lawfare blog; a Distinguished Scholar at the Robert S. Strauss Center for International Security and Law; a fellow of the Fordham University School of Law Center on National Security; the Supreme Court Fellow for the Constitution Project; and an elected member of the American Law Institute. Steve’s prolific and award-winning scholarship has been published in the Yale Law Journal, the Harvard Law Review, and the Columbia Law Review, among others. Steve has also published short-form writing in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the National Law Journal,, Slate, and BuzzFeed. Steve graduated from Amherst College and Yale Law School, after which he clerked for Judge Marsha Berzon on the Ninth Circuit and Judge Rosemary Barkett on the Eleventh Circuit. Steve is also on LinkedIn.

Areas of ExpertiseConstitutional Law, National Security Law, Federal Jurisdiction, International Criminal Law, Surveillance, Detention, Federal Courts, Military Commissions

Selected Media Appearances
Criticism Over Terror Suspect Killing – WUSA (9 News Now at 11)
Espionage Act and Whistle-Blowers – C-SPAN (Washington Journal)

Amnesty International: US drone strikes are ‘unlawful,’ demands victim reparations – KPCC (Airtalk)
Legal Questions Over Special Ops Raids– WBUR (Here & Now)
White House Issues New Rules on al Qaida Suspects – NPR (All Things Considered)

Massive NSA cellphone-tracking program snares some Americans, too 
The Christian Science Monitor 
Taking the “Meh” out of Metadata
The Best Evidence Yet That Government Surveillance Oversight Is Nowhere Near Adequate
It’s time to fix the FISA Court (the way Congress intended)

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OLC’s Formal (and Remarkably Broad) Defense of the April Syria Strikes


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What the Heck is Happening in Al-Nashiri?: The Ten-Layer Dip at the Heart of the Latest Guantánamo Mess


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Gina Haspel and the Elusive Shadow of CIA Torture: A Response to Ben Wittes


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Two (Premature) Cheers for Doe v. Mattis


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The Haspel Nomination as a Referendum on (Un-)Accountability


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Can the Presidency Trump a Special Counsel Subpoena?

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