Use of Force

Evacuating Nationals – A Noteworthy New Element of German Practice and Opinio Juris


Jan 14th, 2022

On Empathy, Scholarship, and Political Action: A Response to Lahmann

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Nov 24th, 2021

Stirring Trouble at the Border: Is Belarus in Violation of International Law? – Part 1

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Nov 16th, 2021

Unilateral Use of Force in the “National Interest”: Taiwan Doesn’t Meet the Test


Nov 12th, 2021

A Soldier and His Establishment: In the Life of Colin Powell, Who Failed Whom?


Nov 5th, 2021

The Overhyping of Over the Horizon


Oct 13th, 2021

The Role of Nuclear Weapons: Why Biden Should Declare a Policy of No First Use


Sep 29th, 2021

Activism and Consequences


Sep 18th, 2021

The Humanity of Michael Ratner, The Fabrications of Samuel Moyn

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Sep 13th, 2021

Team of Legal Gladiators? Iraqi Militias’ Tortured Relationship with Law

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Apr 12th, 2021

Self-Defense Against Non-State Actors: All Over the Map


Mar 24th, 2021

Legally Sliding into War


Mar 15th, 2021

Germany’s Positions on International Law in Cyberspace Part II


Mar 10th, 2021

Knowns and Unknowns of US Syria Strike: Looming Int’l and Domestic Law Issues


Mar 5th, 2021

Legal Questions (and Some Answers) Concerning the U.S. Military Strike in Syria


Mar 1st, 2021

Biden’s First Strike and the International Law of Self-Defense


Feb 26th, 2021

To End the Forever Wars, Rein in the Drones


Feb 16th, 2021

The Definition of Aggression and Self-Defense


Dec 14th, 2020

COVID-19 and International Law Series: Vaccine Theft, Disinformation, the Law Governing Cyber Operations

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Dec 4th, 2020

Revisiting the Office of Legal Counsel’s Override Opinion


Nov 17th, 2020

The Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict and the Exercise of “Self-Defense” to Recover Occupied Land

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Nov 10th, 2020

Toward a New Approach to National and Human Security: End Unlawful, Secret, and Unaccountable Use of Lethal Force

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Sep 11th, 2020

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