Just Security is pleased to host a Symposium, International Law in the Face of Russia’s Aggression in Ukraine: The View from Lviv.

The Symposium, edited by Kateryna Busol, Olga Butkevych, Michael Cooper, Rebecca Hamilton, Gregory Shaffer, and Svitlana Starosvit, was launched Feb. 24, 2024, the second anniversary of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. It builds on a 2023 convening of international and Ukrainian law experts in Lviv, Ukraine, organized by the Ukrainian Association of International Law and the American Society of International Law, in collaboration with other key stakeholders including the Ukrainian Bar Association.

We encourage you to begin with the article launching the series, co-authored by three of the Symposium editors, Olga Butkevych, Rebecca Hamilton, and Gregory Shaffer, and then explore the other articles, which will be updated here as they are published:

Introducing the Symposium


Topical Articles


Vindicating Rights

Sovereign Immunity in the Face of Aggression and Atrocity

Accountability for the Leadership Crime of Aggression

Filtration, Forcible Transfer, and Mass Scale Arbitrary Detention

Reintegration of Newly Liberated Territories

Return, Post-war Migration, and Inclusion

IMAGE: Ivan Franko National University of Lviv in the western Ukrainian city of Lviv. (Photo by YURIY DYACHYSHYN / AFP) (Photo by YURIY DYACHYSHYN/AFP via Getty Images)