Sead Turčalo

Guest Author

Sead Turčalo (@sturcalo) is an associate professor in Security Studies and has been the Dean of the Faculty of Political Sciences at the University of Sarajevo since 2019. He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Geopolitics, International Security, Energy Security, and Conflict Management in International Relations, alongside lecturing on Geopolitical Studies of the Contemporary World at the interdisciplinary doctoral level.

A prolific contributor to both national and international media, Turčalo regularly enriches discussions on geopolitics and security through incisive op-eds and expert commentary. His academic contributions are extensive, having led and participated in 15 major research projects, published five books, and authored numerous papers and studies that influence thought in geopolitical circles.

Turčalo is also a contributor to intellectual and policymaking communities, frequently presenting at scientific gatherings. As a consultant for organizations such as OSCE and IOM, and Vice-President of the Sarajevo-based think-tank Atlantic Initiative, his insights are sought after by policymakers and peers alike. His latest works include “Popular Geopolitics” (2021) and “Intercepted Conversations: Preparations for War” (2022), reflecting his engagement with contemporary geopolitical issues. He is also on LinkedIn.

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