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Recap of the Recent Posts on Just Security (May 21–27)

I. Guantánamo

II. Transparency, Legality & the the Use of Force

  1. David Glazier, Guest Post: The MSF Airstrike Report: Better on the Facts Than on the Law (Tuesday, May 24)
  2. Marty Lederman, Moves Toward Greater Transparency on the Use of Lethal Force [UPDATED] (Tuesday, May 24)
  3. Marty Lederman, Is It Legal to Target ISIL’s Oil Facilities and Cash Stockpiles?
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Is it legal to target ISIL’s oil facilities and cash stockpiles?

An important story in yesterday’s New York Times explains how the U.S. and coalition forces have dramatically increased their targeting of ISIL’s oil facilities (including oil trucks and oil wells) and ISIL’s “bulk cash stockpiles,” which are found in places such as “bank vaults [and] private residences.” “The destruction in recent months of these targets, deep behind enemy lines, which commanders previously avoided for fear of causing civilian casualties — has seriously damaged the Islamic State’s ability to pay its fighters, govern and attract new recruits, military officials say,” reports the Times.…   continue »

Important First Step by HPSCI on Pre-Publication Review Reform

Editor’s note: This post also appears on Lawfare.

We are happy to learn, via Secrecy News, that the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) has weighed in constructively on the pre-publication review issue that we first wrote about here (and followed up on here, here, and here; see also Steve Aftergood’s contribution).…   continue »