Hon. Elizabeth Holtzman

Guest Author

Holtzman is a practicing attorney with Herrick Feinstein LLP in NY.

She was a four term Congresswoman who served on the House Judiciary Committee during Watergate and voted to impeach Richard Nixon.  She co-authored the Special Prosecutor bill, the Refuge Act of 1980 (with Senator Ted Kennedy), the Rape Privacy Act, and the Holtzman Amendment dealing with Nazi war criminals among many other laws. Holtzman also led the effort to bring Nazi war criminals living in the US to justice, co-founded the Congresswoman’s Caucus and held the record as the youngest woman elected to Congress for 42 years.  She was elected DA of Kings County (the first woman DA in NYC) where she was a leader in the effort to end racially based peremptory challenges) and then elected as the first woman Comptroller of NYC.

Holtzman was appointed by President Clinton to serve on a panel overseeing the declassification of US secret files on Nazi war criminals.  Under President Obama, she was appointed to serve on a panel dealing with sexual assault in the US military and then chair a successor panel—and was appointed to the Advisory Committee to the Department of Homeland Security, a post she resigned in protest over the border separation policy.

Holtzman is the author of The Case for Impeaching Trump and the co-author of three other books.  She appears regularly on television and radio and has been in several documentaries, including Charles Ferguson’s recent Watergate.  She is a graduate of Harvard Law School and Harvard’s Radcliffe College.

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