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Q & A With Citizen Lab on “Tainted Leaks” and Russia’s Disinformation Campaign


On Thursday, the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab published evidence of a dangerous new twist in the war against truth. Russia-linked hackers, dubbed CyberBerkut, have waged a worldwide phishing campaign against hundreds of government officials, journalists, and NGO workers, and in some cases, tampered with documents stolen from victims and then tried to leak them to the media in an effort to advance Russian propaganda aims.…   continue »

So You Want to Share Intelligence with Russia … There Are Less Risky Ways to Do It


President Donald Trump clearly believes there is an opportunity for the United States to work with Russia on counterterrorism and the fight against ISIS. Some commentators who’ve defended his intelligence disclosure to the Russians say that it makes sense to work with the Russians in this area, and sharing intelligence with Moscow on the ISIS threat would be a natural outgrowth of that approach.  continue »

Why Trump’s Disclosure to Russia (and Urging Comey to Drop the Flynn Investigation, and Various Other Actions) Could Be Unlawful


President Trump’s disclosure of highly classified information about the Islamic State to Russian officials has been widely decried as “terrifying,” “reckless,” and “deeply disturbing.” Yet commentators from across the political spectrum have echoed the President’s assertion that, as a matter of law, he nonetheless had “the absolute right” to make that disclosure.…   continue »

Assessing the Damage of the President’s Intelligence Sharing with Russia


Following the Washington Post’s revelations Monday night, the legality of President Donald Trump’s decision to share sensitive information related to the ISIS bomb threat to airliners with senior Russian officials has been generally accepted. This leaves the manner in which he chose to share this information as the issue that must be addressed, from the perspective of conducting what the intelligence community refers to as a “damage assessment.”

How much damage has been caused by this disclosure, and the subsequent leaks to the media?

  continue »

Don’t Be So Quick to Call Those Disclosures “Legal”

Following multiple reports that President Trump disclosed highly classified information to Russian officials at a private meeting, various legal experts have asserted that Trump broke no laws. An impressively thorough blog post on Lawfare noted that “the very purpose of the classification system is to protect information the President, usually through his subordinates, thinks sensitive.…   continue »

The Comey Memorandum and the Take Care Clause

Last week, President Trump created another firestorm when he fired James Comey as Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). On Tuesday, several news organizations confirmed that Comey wrote an internal memorandum on February 14 indicating that President Trump asked him to shut down the FBI’s investigation of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.  continue »

Five Takeaways from Gen. H.R. McMaster Press Briefing

Here are five key points made by Gen. H.R. McMaster in the press briefing held on Tuesday morning.

1. McMaster said that what President Donald Trump did was “wholly appropriate” and “consistent” with past practices of the executive branch. McMaster said the “premise” of the Washington Post story was false, meaning the implication that Trump did something wrong or inappropriate, but McMaster did not refute specific facts as reported.  continue »