Global Magnitsky Act

Congress Must Stand with Civil Society and Strengthen the Global Magnitsky Sanctions Program


Apr 20th, 2021

Combating Transnational Authoritarian Kleptocracy: Cracking Down on Western Professional Enablers


Apr 19th, 2021

Fighting the ‘International Thief Thief’ with Global Magnitsky Sanctions


Apr 15th, 2021

Reauthorizing and Strengthening the Global Magnitsky Act


Apr 14th, 2021

The “Khashoggi Ban”: What It Does and Doesn’t Mean

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Mar 3rd, 2021

Changing the Calculus to Support Peace in South Sudan


Feb 13th, 2021

Ripe for Reform: The Opaque World of Specific Licenses to Do Business Under Sanctions


Feb 12th, 2021

U.S. and Multilateral Policy Options to Address Abuses Against Uyghurs in Xinjiang


Jul 30th, 2020

Iraqi Researcher’s Death Adds Urgency to Penalizing Iran-Backed Militias With New U.K. “Magnitsky” Law


Jul 7th, 2020

The Khashoggi Killing at Six Months: How Congress Should Move Forward


Apr 1st, 2019

Time to Rehabilitate the Legislative Veto: How Congress Should Rein in Presidents’ “National Emergency” Powers

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Mar 13th, 2019

The Missing Khashoggi Report: A President Can’t Choose to “Decline” His Constitutional Role to Accommodate Congressional Oversight

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Mar 1st, 2019