Holly Dranginis

Guest Author

Holly Dranginis is the Legal Advisor for Latin America and the Caribbean with the ABA Center for Human Rights. Holly has experience litigating at international and regional courts, and investigating ties between grand corruption and atrocity crimes. Prior to joining the ABA, she was the Senior Legal Analyst for The Sentry, a Washington DC-based nonprofit that conducts investigations into financial crimes and gross human rights abuses in East and Central Africa. She was also a Senior Policy Analyst at The Enough Project, where she led research on natural resource exploitation in eastern Congo and supply chain due diligence campaigns engaging the tech and jewelry industries. She has experience supporting transitional justice efforts in Peru and Paraguay, and investigating genocide crimes and feminicide in Guatemala.

Holly was a Fulbright Scholar in Guatemala, and holds a J.D. from UC Berkeley School of Law and a B.A. in international relations and human rights from Connecticut College.

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