We will be taking a 24-hour respite for the Thanksgiving Break.  Just Security turned two months old this past Saturday. So we are truly thankful for many things!

Most of all, we greatly appreciate you, our readers. Although our principal readership is in the Washington, DC area (followed closely by NYC), our blog is being read in over 150 countries.  The Department of Justice, Department of State, and Department of Defense are in our top 20 readers, and the Senate, House, and Executive Office of the President are within our top 40. We are thus encouraged by the belief that Just Security is serving its original purpose of engaging public debates and practitioners at the forefront of US national security law and policy.

We are profoundly grateful to work with a fantastic team of professionals who have made this possible. Among the many thanks we owe is to Thomas Earnest, the superlative managing editor of Just Security. We are also grateful to Just Security’s other terrific team members including Communications Director, Mike Joshi and Assistant Editor, Ruchi Parekh. We are also thankful for the contributions from our Guest Authors who have helped to make this project such a success. Our new  Guest Authors page includes a list of past and forthcoming contributors (see if you can spot which is which).

Finally, we are grateful to our friends over at Lawfare, especially Ben Wittes, who have welcomed us to the blogosphere.

Please continue to send us your feedback, including constructive criticisms, as we look forward to the months and years ahead.

Ryan and Steve