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Delegating Commander-in-Chief Powers–Where to strike the balance


The Trump Administration is busy reconsidering the United States’ approach to counterterrorism, and its revised policies will assuredly reflect President Trump’s desire to delegate more authority to his military commanders.  Hidden amid the wall-to-wall coverage of L’Affaire Russe and the President’s first international trip, however, are recent press reports that suggest the Department of Defense may be of two minds about being provided “total authorization” to conduct counterterrorism operations.  This hesitation makes sense.  Although the Pentagon and others have been seeking greater delegations in order to improve operational flexibility and efficiency, U.S.…   continue »

Recap of Recent Posts on Just Security (May 20-26)

I. Foreign Policy

II.  Trump and Russia

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Politicians Keep Buying Kris Kobach’s Ideas Despite Track Record of Failure


Kris Kobach, the Secretary of State for Kansas and an anti-immigrant and vote-suppressing activist, has been angling for a job in the Trump administration since the election. But which of Kobach’s two long-time obsessions—making life miserable for immigrants (including his so-called “self-deportation” policies) or making it impossible for certain citizens to vote—would the Trump administration indulge?…   continue »

What Lincoln Thought of “America First”


Abraham Lincoln neither spoke nor read any language other than English and would never travel abroad, but he was an internationalist in sentiment, conviction and politics. His internationalism was not a vague or transient feeling, but a firmly rooted belief that was a necessary and logical part of his defense of American democracy.…   continue »