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Trump’s Travel Ban Could Let Repressive Regimes Decide Who Can Enter US


In an apparent attempt to moot the multiple court challenges to his Executive Order on immigration, President Donald Trump said Thursday that he’d issue a new immigration order by next week.

A new order will likely attempt to fix some of the most controversial elements of the original one, perhaps by limiting the impact to individuals who are not already lawful permanent residents, or to people who haven’t yet applied for visas.…   continue »

Norms Watch: Tracking the Erosion of Democratic Traditions (Feb. 10-17)


Trump’s dysfunctional national security apparatus is in turmoil this week, following the resignation of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, and Trump’s discussion of sensitive security matters in the Mar-a-Lago public dining room.  

Flynn’s Resignation

On Monday night, Trump’s National Security Adviser Michael Flynn resigned after revelations that Flynn had misled Vice President Mike Pence about his inappropriate contacts with Russia.  continue »

Trump Offers New Denials on Russia Contacts, Including: “Haven’t made a phone call to Russia in years”

In his 75-minute-long news conference Thursday, President Donald Trump responded to several direct questions about his and his associates’ connections with Russia during the campaign and after the election. The questions were spurred in part by a New York Times story that broke Wednesday reporting that  Trump campaign members and Trump associates had repeated contacts with senior Russian intelligence officials in the year before the election (see also the CNN story referring to “constant” contacts during the campaign).  continue »

Post-Flynn’s Resignation: New and Important Questions Raised

The resignation of National Security Adviser retired Lt. General Michael Flynn and the reporting surrounding his actions have raised new questions about the Trump administration’s contacts with Russian officials and why the White House statements often appear contradictory. Here we try to lay out some of the issues for readers to track in the days and weeks ahead.…   continue »

The United Divided States: San Francisco Sues Donald Trump for Sanctuary Cities Order


Amidst the well-placed outrage over Trump’s Executive Order selectively banning immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries – including an array of critiques, lawsuits, and court decisions challenging its legality and wisdom – Trump’s Executive Order (EO) on Sanctuary Cities, which threatens to cut off federal funds to so-called “sanctuary cities,” has been somewhat overlooked.…   continue »

Questions for Neil Gorsuch’s Confirmation Hearing

Here’s a list of questions I hope will be asked of Judge Neil Gorsuch, the President’s nominee to fill the vacant Supreme Court seat, at his Senate confirmation hearing. Most of these questions are related to security, individual rights, executive authority and requirements that the President serve without conflicts of interest.…   continue »