Gotabaya Rajapaksa

UN Human Rights Council Outlines Sri Lanka Abuses, But Demurs on Action


Mar 26th, 2021

When War Criminals Run the Government: Not Too Late for the International Community to Vet Sri Lankan Officials

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Mar 16th, 2021

Sri Lanka’s Evasion of Accountability Tests the Limits of the International Human Rights System


Mar 1st, 2021

Universal Jurisdiction — the Most Difficult Path to Achieve Justice for Sri Lanka


Feb 24th, 2021

Emblematic Cases Expose the Long Road to Justice in Sri Lanka


Feb 22nd, 2021

Tamils – and Justice – Can’t Wait: The Need for Decisive UN Action on Sri Lanka


Feb 19th, 2021

US Can Restore Leadership on Human Rights by Promoting Accountability in Sri Lanka

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Feb 18th, 2021

Former UN High Commissioner Pillay Says It’s Time for the Human Rights Council to Act on Sri Lanka


Feb 15th, 2021

The Human Rights Council Must Establish an Accountability Mechanism for Sri Lanka’s Victims

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Feb 11th, 2021

Sri Lanka’s UN Efforts to Stave Off Justice for War Crimes


Feb 3rd, 2021

Spotlight on Sri Lanka as UN Human Rights Council Prepares Next Session


Feb 1st, 2021

U.S. Issues Travel Ban on Sri Lankan Military Leader


Feb 20th, 2020