European Commission

Reparations for Ukraine: Three Proposals from Europe


Feb 26th, 2024

Poland’s New Government Will Face Hurdles to Restore Rule of Law and Judicial Independence

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Dec 12th, 2023

Poland: Why Rule of Law Matters as the Country Faces a Pivotal Election

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Oct 13th, 2023

The Right to Protest Is Under Assault. Frontline Activists Show How to Fight Back.


Aug 29th, 2023

The EU Joins Washington’s Campaign to Contain China


Apr 27th, 2023

Why the European Commission’s Proposal for Russian State Asset Seizure Should be Abandoned


Mar 23rd, 2023

Poland’s Judicial Reform Falls Short of EU Expectations, Complicating Cooperation Against Russia

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Oct 3rd, 2022

US, EU Face Higher Hurdles Now for Action Against Orbán’s Tightening Grip in Hungary


May 10th, 2022

A Transatlantic Plan for Racial Equity and Justice

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Oct 22nd, 2020

Trumping Transatlantic Relations, EU Struggles to Get Its House in Order


Jul 2nd, 2019

To Wrest Back Rule of Law in Poland, Might EU Bureaucracy Finally Work?


Apr 10th, 2019

EU ‘Terrorist Content’ Proposal Sets Dire Example for Free Speech Online


Mar 5th, 2019

Polish Government’s Power Trip Interrupted?


Oct 25th, 2018

An Update on European Measures Addressing Terrorism in the Aftermath of the French Attacks

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Dec 1st, 2015

A “Right to be Forgotten”


Jan 20th, 2014

Up to Date with the EU on Data Protection: Canvassing Implications for the US


Dec 20th, 2013