Kevin Klyman

Guest Author

Kevin Klyman (@kevin_klyman) is the lead technology researcher for the Avoiding Great Power War Project at Harvard’s Belfer Center. He conducts research related to foundation models, compute governance, clean energy supply chains, quantum computing export controls, digital trade agreements, and Chinese technology regulators.

Klyman’s writing on U.S.-China competition in emerging technologies has been published in Foreign Policy, TechCrunch, The American Prospect, The Diplomat, Inkstick, The National Interest, and South China Morning Post. He is the author of “The Great Tech Rivalry: China vs. the U.S.” with Professor Graham Allison, which has been cited by The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, and NPR among others. His research has also been published by Human Rights Watch, the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots, and the United Nations Foundation.

Klyman has led tech policy initiatives for a variety of leading international organizations. As an artificial intelligence and digital rights fellow at United Nations Global Pulse, the AI lab of the UN Secretary-General, he headed the organization’s work on national AI strategies and coordinated the UN’s Privacy Policy Group. After the onset of the pandemic, Klyman coauthored a new privacy policy in partnership with the World Health Organization—the “Joint Statement on Data Protection and Privacy in the COVID-19 Response”—which was adopted by the UN as a whole. As a policy fellow at the Digital Impact Alliance, Klyman built a database that is now used by the World Bank and the UN Development Programme to assess countries’ readiness for digital investment. He is also on LinkedIn.

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