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Are Saudi-led Coalition Forces Committing War Crimes in Yemen?

This month, Saudi-led coalition forces recommenced airstrikes on Sanaa, the capital of Yemen, targeting the forces of Ansar Allah (known as the Houthis), after peace talks that began back in April broke down. The coalition – which includes forces from Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Qatar, Sudan and the United Arab Emirates – supports ousted President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi of Yemen, whose government is still recognized by most countries, and has been at war with the Houthis since March 2015.…   continue »

The Significance of the ICC’s First Guilty Plea

Yesterday Al Faqi Al Mahdi of Mali pled guilty at the International Criminal Court (ICC) to one count of directing an attack against buildings dedicated to religion and historic monuments under article 8(2)(e)(iv) of the Rome Statute. Specifically, Al Mahdi admitted in court that in June and July, 2012, he directed and organized a group of men in the destruction of nine mausoleums and one mosque in Timbuktu.…   continue »

Towards a Cyber-Security Treaty

The Democratic National Convention (DNC) leaks revealed last week have presumably reminded many Americans to the severe cyber-threats this country is facing. Particularly alarming were the allegations that Vladimir Putin is behind the hack. Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson raised his concern that Russian hackers might be able to target voting machines on Election Day.…   continue »

The DNC Hack and Democracy

Last Tuesday, Jack Goldsmith published a remarkable series of tweets about the apparent Russian hack and publication of confidential DNC emails on the eve of the Democratic presidential convention. Goldsmith made the surprising claim that if Russia hacked the DNC and published its communications, the US is also not “innocent.”

Goldsmith appears to imply that the US has lost its standing to object to what, if reports are true, is an unprecedented operation by a foreign state to steal the private communications of an American political party and publish those communications in an obvious effort to discredit the party and influence the election.…   continue »