Patrick Pearsall

Guest Author

Professor Patrick Pearsall (@Pwpearsall), Director of the International Claims and Reparations Project at Columbia Law School, teaches international law and dispute resolution. He has lectured at Yale and Harvard and also taught as faculty at Georgetown Law, and is widely recognized as a leading scholar on remedies under public international law. He is editing the forthcoming volume “Research Handbook on International Claims Commissions” and will teach a seminar on “Reparations” at Columbia Law School later this year.

For nearly a decade (2009-2017) he was a lawyer at the U.S. State Department (in the office of International Claims and Investment Disputes) and departed as the Chief of Investment Arbitration. He serves on several boards, is a partner at a law firm in private practice, and serves as a leader at the American Society of International Law, where he co-chaired the 2022 Annual Meeting. He is also on LinkedIn.

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