We are delighted to announce Adam Klasfeld will become a fellow at Just Security. Klasfeld will provide expert coverage for the public on legal issues concerning democracy, the rule of law, and related litigation, in a short-term, project-based role. His primary Just Security outlet will be appearing on the Trump Trials Clearinghouse co-edited by Ryan Goodman and Norm Eisen.

Klasfeld is an experienced legal journalist, most recently at The Messenger where he was the senior legal correspondent. He previously worked as the managing editor of the news outlet Law&Crime, where he helped lead their website operations and provided their audience with clear and straightforward coverage of legal news and high profile cases. During his tenure as a Courthouse News reporter, he covered then-President Donald Trump’s impeachment trials, Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking case, Michael Cohen, and Chelsea Manning’s Wikileaks case, among many others. A graduate of Rutgers University, Klasfeld is a leading courtroom reporter. He can be found on Twitter/X as @KlasfeldReports  and on LinkedIn.