Just Security is partnering with the debate series Intelligence Squared to bring you a live stream of tonight’s discussion titled, “Unresolved: U.S. National Security.”

It starts at 6:45 p.m. ET and it will cover three timely motions about national security:

1. Is It Time to Take a Hard Line on Iran?
2. Is NATO No Longer Fit for Purpose?
3. Is the Russia Threat Overblown?

The debaters include: former Assistant Secretary of Defense Derek Chollet; former senior National Security Council official and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis’ co-editor on the book, “Warriors and Citizens: American Views of Our Military,” Kori Schake; University of Chicago political scientist John Mearsheimer; former CIA case officer Reuel Marc Gerecht; and Russia scholar Stephen F. Cohen.

You can read more on tonight’s debate here. And you can watch it below … enjoy!