Just Security Podcast: Laura Rozen on the Iran Deal

On a day that felt like it was dominated by headlines about Gina Haspel, Michael Cohen, and American hostages being freed from North Korea, Al-Monitor Diplomatic Correspondent and Just Security editorial board member Laura Rozen joined me to circle back to yesterday’s extremely important news that the Trump administration is abandoning the Iran nuclear deal.  For years, Rozen has covered efforts to prevent Iran from gaining nuclear weapons. I asked her to weigh in on Europe’s reaction to the news that the U.S. was abandoning the deal, Tehran’s reaction, the likelihood that the deal can succeed without Washington’s involvement, and what the news means for the Middle East.

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Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images 

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John Reed

Managing Editor of Just Security (2014-18). Follow him on Twitter (@ReedJustSec).

Laura Rozen

Laura Rozen is a member of the Just Security editorial board, and writes the Diplomatic newsletter. Follow her on Twitter (@LRozen).