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Just Security’s Coverage of Immigration and Refugee Executive Order

I. Latest Coverage

1. Explainers and Information on Revised Executive Order of March 6, 2017

2. Constitutional Law and Analysis of Revised Executive Order of March 6, 2017

3. Policy and Political Analysis

II. Explainers

1. Explainers on Court Cases, Litigation, and Executive Action

 2. Explainers on the Executive Order

 III. Analysis

1. Constitutional Law: Equal Protection, Establishment Clause, Plenary Power

2. Policy Implications

3. Trump Administration and Civil Service

4. International Law

5. Evidence that Trump’s Immigration Ban Discriminates Against Muslims

6. Deportation of “Criminal” Immigrants

7. Private Companies and the EO

8. Implications of Current/Pending Supreme Court Cases

Image: President Trump signs immigration and refugee executive order in the Hall of Heroes at the Department of Defense on January 27, 2017 – Getty

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