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The Call is Coming from Inside the House — Homegrown Extremism is Here


Much of our nation’s focus on preventing terrorist attacks has been on our borders, but, in fact, violent extremists are already here. It is like those old horror movies, where the climax begins with the line, “The call is coming from inside the house!” While border security is an important issue, we can’t ignore the threat that lies within.…   continue »

The Trump Administration Provides One More Reason to Discontinue CVE


In a post last week, Steve Weine celebrated the fact that the Obama administration’s countering violent extremism (CVE) program was still alive. In his view, “national security pragmatists,” by preserving funding for CVE, won an important battle against folks like Sebastian Gorka, an adviser to President Donald Trump who views the program as simply an exercise in political correctness.  continue »

Did the Supreme Court Tip Its Hand on How It Will Rule on the Travel Ban?



Today, the Supreme Court partially stayed and partially upheld the lower court injunctions in the travel ban litigation. The way in which the Court split the baby is perhaps the most significant hint yet about how the Court is thinking about the rights of noncitizens and the so-called “immigration plenary power”—the so-called extra-constitutional authority of the Executive Branch to regulate immigration without standard review by federal courts.…   continue »

Donald Trump’s Say-So is Not a Presidential “National Security Judgment”


The government just filed its final pleading before the Justices’ consideration of the entry-ban cases tomorrow.  This follows final briefs that the IRAP and Hawaii plaintiffs filed yesterday.

In a post on Monday, I offered some thoughts on three of the most important considerations the Court will be considering:  (i) whether there’s any basis for the Court to grant cert.  continue »