First Amendment

Recent NDAA Reforms Not Likely to Fix Key DHS Intelligence Abuses


Jan 17th, 2024

In Viral Video Cases, Does Hate Make the Crime?


Dec 21st, 2023

Two Supreme Court Cases Could Shape the Future of AI and Content Moderation


Dec 14th, 2023

A Leading Privacy and Security Expert has Explained Why Banning TikTok is Ineffective, Unnecessary, and Counterproductive


Sep 19th, 2023

The Right to Protest Is Under Assault. Frontline Activists Show How to Fight Back.


Aug 29th, 2023

How Jack Smith May Charge Trump PAC with Fraudulent Fundraising Within the Bounds of First Amendment


Aug 24th, 2023

Missouri v. Biden Raises More First Amendment Questions Than It Answers


Jul 19th, 2023

The Just Security Podcast: Free Speech and Content Moderation in Missouri v. Biden

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Jul 8th, 2023

Restricting the Government from Speaking to Tech Companies Will Spread Disinformation and Harm Democracy

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Jul 5th, 2023

How DHS is Fueling Georgia’s “Terrorism” Crackdown on Cop City Protests


Jun 15th, 2023

DHS’s Newest Target: Atlanta “Cop City” Activists


Jun 13th, 2023

DHS Intelligence Rearranges the Deck Chairs—Again


May 10th, 2023

Montana is Trying to Ban TikTok. What Does the First Amendment Have to Say?

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May 4th, 2023

Fox News’ Recent Setback Against Dominion Is a Major Victory for the First Amendment

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Apr 11th, 2023

Two Supreme Court Cases Could “Break the Internet”: What Role Should Free Speech Play?


Mar 22nd, 2023

Speech or Debate Immunity Will Not Protect Scott Perry’s Phone

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Feb 23rd, 2023

The Limited Scope of Vice President Pence’s Speech or Debate Clause Immunity

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Feb 21st, 2023

The Just Security Podcast: How Should the Press Cover Democracy?

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Jan 29th, 2023

Canvassing Deserts: When Obstacles to Reaching Urban Voters Become Voter Suppression


Nov 2nd, 2022

The News Media’s “Democracy Beats” Won’t Beat Back Autocracy


Oct 12th, 2022

8 Top Experts on Strength of Dominion Suing Trump for Defamation, If It Wants To


Jul 19th, 2022

Protecting the Freedom of Peaceful Assembly After Bruen: A Roadmap for State Lawmakers

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Jun 30th, 2022

Supreme Court Should Address Prior Restraints on Former Gov’t Employees

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May 19th, 2022

Reclaim the First Amendment — Harvard Law Review Address


Apr 5th, 2022

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