I. Military Action against ISIL: Domestic Law and Policy

  1. Steve Vladeck, The Guns of September (Monday, Sept 8)
  2. Ryan Goodman, Whose Hype are You Going to Believe?: How Not to Evaluate the ISIL Threat to the U.S. (Monday, Sept 8)
  3. Marty Lederman, The War Powers Clock(s) in Iraq (Monday, Sept 8)
  4. Ryan Goodman, The Coming Congressional “Authorization” to Use Force Against ISIL? (Tuesday, Sept 9)
  5. Marty Lederman, The Legal Theory Behind the President’s New Military Initiative against ISIL (Wednesday, Sept 10)
  6. Jennifer Daskal, Democracy’s Failure (Thursday, Sept 11)
  7. Marty Lederman, Tentative First Reactions to the 2001 AUMF Theory [Updated] (Thursday, Sept 11)
  8. Shalev Roisman, Guest Author, A Response to Bruce Ackerman’s NYT Op-Ed on the President’s War Powers

II. Military Action against ISIL: International Law and Policy

  1. Michael Lewis, Guest Author, What Does the “Unwilling or Unable” Standard Mean in the Context of Syria? (Friday, Sept 12)
  2. Ryan Goodman, International Law – and the Unwilling and Unable Test – for US Military Operations in Syria (Friday, Sept 12)
  3. Jonathan Horowitz, Guest Author, Does the Unwilling/Unable Test Hang on Territorial Control?: A Response to Michael Lewis (Friday, Sept 12)

III. Surveillance 

  1. Shirin Sinnar, Guest Author, NYPD Uses Discovery Tactics to Deter Civil Rights Claims (Wednesday, Sept 10)
  2. Julian Sanchez, Reading Jack Goldsmith’s STELLARWIND Memo (Part I) (Wednesday, Sept 10)

IV. Freedom of Information Act (and Drones)

V. Military Justice

VI. Reflections

  1. Steve Vladeck, September 1, 1939 (Thursday, Sept 11)
  2. Andy Wright, The Bells of September (Thursday, Sept 11)

VII. Just Security News

  1. Ryan Goodman and Steve Vladeck, Welcome John Reed to Just Security! (Tuesday, Sept 9)
  2. Just Security Staff, Just Security’s One-Year Anniversary Event (Thursday, Sept 11)