The U.N. Security Council Must Treat All Victims of Sexual Violence Equally


Apr 23rd, 2024

Q&A with Eliav Lieblich on Iran-Israel Hostilities


Apr 16th, 2024

The UK Is Failing to Recoup Ill-gotten Gains Linked to the Syrian Regime


Apr 1st, 2024

Confronting Forced Demographic Change in Northern Syria: Inclusive Justice for Sustainable Peace


Mar 25th, 2024

Applying Ukraine Precedent, DOJ Should Use Funds Forfeited from Lawbreakers in Syria to Assist Victims

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Mar 6th, 2024

DOD Can Meet the Need For Climate Intelligence With a Community-Wide Center


Feb 22nd, 2024

The US Recovered Over $600 Million in ISIS-Linked Funds – They Should Go to Syrian and Iraqi Victims

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Feb 20th, 2024

It’s Time to Establish a Syria Victims Fund


Feb 19th, 2024

No State Should Profit from Violations in Syria. Instead, Direct Monetary Recovery to Victims.

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Feb 18th, 2024

The Just Security Podcast: A Syrian War Crimes Verdict in a Dutch Court

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Feb 16th, 2024

Regional Conflict in the Middle East and the Limitations of the War Powers Resolution


Jan 8th, 2024

Nine Stories That Deserved More Attention in 2023 – and That May Shape 2024


Dec 29th, 2023

Syrian Regime Crimes on Trial in The Netherlands

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Nov 22nd, 2023

National Security at the United Nations This Week (Nov. 13-17)


Nov 17th, 2023

Extended Detention Compounds Trauma for Thousands of Child Victims of Terrorism in Syria Camps

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Nov 1st, 2023

Syrian Torture Victims Deserve a Hearing Before the ICJ

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Oct 13th, 2023

In the Case Against Syria, a New Tool for Enforcing Human Rights

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Oct 9th, 2023

How the Expansion of “Self-Defense” Has Undermined Constraints on the Use of Force


Sep 18th, 2023

The Just Security Podcast: A New Standard for Evidence of Civilian Harm?

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Aug 25th, 2023

Ten Years on From the Ghouta Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria: What Lessons Have Been Learned?


Aug 21st, 2023

Baghdadi Raid Documents Suggest New US Standards for Assessing Civilian Harm


Aug 10th, 2023

Collective Reparations for Victims of ISIS


Aug 9th, 2023

Pentagon Investigation into Syria Strike: A Litmus Test for Civilian Harm Response

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Jun 23rd, 2023

Normalization Pushes Millions of Syrians into Deeper Uncertainty

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Jun 12th, 2023

Gender Persecution: Why Labels Matter


May 31st, 2023

2nd Time’s the Charm: France’s Cour de Cassation Broadens Universal Jurisdiction Law


May 24th, 2023

Death by Drones: Does the Pentagon Always Know Who it is Killing?


May 22nd, 2023

The U.N. General Assembly’s Veto Initiative Turns One. Is it Working?


Apr 26th, 2023

Saudi Arabia and Iran: The Politics of Détente


Apr 5th, 2023

Policy Alert: Iran-U.S. Hostilities Ratcheting Up in Syria


Mar 24th, 2023

Armed Conflicts Spread Contaminated Water and Disease: Here’s How to Better Protect Civilians

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Mar 17th, 2023

Breaking Down Barriers to Emergency Earthquake Aid in Syria

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Mar 16th, 2023

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