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Prosecuting the Fake Electors: Wisconsin Case Study and Template for Other States

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Dec 14th, 2022

Oral Argument in Moore v. Harper and the Perils of Finding “Compromise” on the Independent State Legislature Theory


Dec 8th, 2022

As Moore v. Harper Takes Shape, a Broad Coalition Takes Aim at the Independent State Legislature Theory


Oct 28th, 2022

In Weaponizing Asylum Seekers, DeSantis & Abbott Unwittingly Demonstrate the Possibility of Safe Transit Policies for Migrants


Sep 30th, 2022

Was DeSantis Shipping Migrants to Martha’s Vineyard a Crime?

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Sep 26th, 2022

Independent State Legislatures and Presidential Elections: Addressing Misconceptions About Current Law and Prospects for Reform

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Aug 16th, 2022

The Biden Administration’s Senseless Opposition to Congress’s Effort to Prevent Abusive National Guard Deployments

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Jul 28th, 2022

The Independent State Legislature Theory Should Horrify Supreme Court’s Originalists


Jun 30th, 2022

State and Local Solutions Are Integral to Protect Election Officials and Democracy

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Feb 9th, 2022

Reestablishing Florida’s State Guard Won’t Give DeSantis a Private Army Free of Federal Control


Dec 9th, 2021

Federal vs. State Powers in Rush to Reopen Amid Coronavirus Pandemic


Apr 27th, 2020

All Politics Is Local…and So Is National Security


Mar 20th, 2018