Posse Comitatus

Why D.C.’s Mayor Should Have Authority Over the D.C. National Guard

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Jan 8th, 2021

Invoking Martial Law to Reverse the 2020 Election Could be Criminal Sedition

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Dec 22nd, 2020

Preventing a Military Decision About Who Won a Disputed Election


Oct 29th, 2020

Good Governance Paper No. 6 (Part Two): Domestic Military Operations — The Role of the National Guard, Posse Comitatus Act and More


Oct 21st, 2020

Good Governance Paper No. 6 (Part One): Domestic Military Operations — Reforming the Insurrection Act


Oct 20th, 2020

Trump Can’t Lawfully Use Armed Forces to Sway the Election: Understanding the Legal Boundaries

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Sep 23rd, 2020

DOD Inspector General’s Report Whitewashes Potential Violations of the Posse Comitatus Act


Sep 3rd, 2020

The President’s Private Army


Jul 24th, 2020

Bill Barr’s Playbook: His False Claims About Prior Military Force on U.S. Soil

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Jul 21st, 2020

Portland’s Pretext: Barr’s Long History Manipulating Law to Put Federal Forces on U.S. Streets

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Jul 19th, 2020

Statement of Homeland and National Security Leaders


Jun 15th, 2020

The Untold Power of Bill Barr to Direct US Military Forces in Case of “Civil Unrest”

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Jun 9th, 2020