Government Use of AI is Expanding: We Should Hope for the Best but Safeguard Against the Worst


Jun 26th, 2024

The Oversight Board Needs Access to Facebook’s Algorithms to do its Job

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Jun 14th, 2024

The Nuts and Bolts of Enforcing AI Guardrails

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May 30th, 2024

Budget Cuts as Alternative Congressional Oversight Enforcement Mechanism


May 24th, 2024

The Year(s) of Section 702 Reform, Part VI: (Another) Looming Deadline

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Apr 5th, 2024

Book Review: An Optimist’s Guide to Reining In Big Tech


Nov 10th, 2023

Congress Should Pass the SAFEGUARD Act to Overhaul Arms Sales Law and Protect Human Rights


Sep 20th, 2023

Analyzing Previously Undisclosed Use of Force Reports: Challenges of Congressional Oversight of the War on Terror

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Sep 18th, 2023

Changes to UK Surveillance Regime May Violate International Law


Aug 22nd, 2023

Missed Opportunities in House FY24 NDAA for Human Rights Progress in U.S. Security Assistance


Jul 28th, 2023

The Year of Section 702 Reform, Part III: Why Congress Should Not Exempt Warrantless “Foreign Intelligence” Queries


Jul 27th, 2023

The Perils and Promise of AI Regulation

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Jul 26th, 2023

Weighing the Risks: Why a New Conversation is Needed on AI Safety


Jun 30th, 2023

It’s Time to Fix Congress’ Classification Infrastructure

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May 31st, 2023

The Just Security Podcast: FISA Section 702 Reauthorization

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May 17th, 2023

DHS Intelligence Rearranges the Deck Chairs—Again


May 10th, 2023

The Year of Section 702 Reform, Part II: Closing the Gaps and Completing the Modernization of FISA


Apr 18th, 2023

The Teixeira Breach: What Top Intelligence and Legal Experts Are Saying


Apr 17th, 2023

The Teixeira Disclosures and Systemic Problems in the U.S. Intelligence Community


Apr 14th, 2023

Senate Foreign Relations Committee FY2024 State Department Budget Hearing: Key Takeaways


Mar 23rd, 2023

As Afghanistan Hearings Begin, Congress Must Rise Above Partisanship to Find Meaningful Solutions


Mar 8th, 2023