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Integrating Iraqi Fighting Forces Is Not Enough to Curb Abuse

Human Rights Watch saw Shia armed forces allied with the Iraqi government commit horrific abuses against the Sunni civilian population during the operation to retake Fallujah back in May. We didn’t want it to happen again in Mosul.

As a result, Human Rights Watch pressed the Iraqi government to keep the abusive units within the Popular Mobilization Forces, also known as Hashd al-Sha’abi, out of the Mosul operation.…   continue »

Defense Department Releases Second Round of Revisions for Law of War Manual

The Defense Department published new revisions to its Law of War Manual this evening. This is the second time the document has been changed since it was first released in the summer of 2015. The first round of revisions focused on the section on journalism and changed some of the language to provide greater legal protection to reporters working in war zones.  continue »

“Applying the Law of Targeting to the Modern Battlefield‎” – Full Speech Given by DOD General Counsel Jennifer O’Connor

Below is the speech, “Applying the Law of Targeting to the Modern Battlefield‎,” given by Jennifer O’Connor, general counsel of the Department of Defense, tonight at NYU School of Law.

In her speech, O’Connor talked through how targeting decisions play out in real time, explaining the difference between deliberate and dynamic targeting and how lawyers are actively involved throughout the process.  continue »

A Duty to Disobey?

The United States is in the midst of an uncertain era of complex global threats.  Some have described the nation’s defense policy as one of “forever war.”  During this uncertain time, when the nation calls, military service members are required to follow orders with significant legal and moral consequences.    continue »