Medical Personnel

The Role of Culture in Torture and its Absence in Guantanamo’s Medical Care System


Apr 25th, 2023

COVID-19 and International Law Series: International Humanitarian Law – Conduct of Hostilities

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Nov 10th, 2020

Military Medical Ethics and Dr. Conley’s Misrepresentations of the President’s Health

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Oct 8th, 2020

Oxford Statement on the International Law Protections Against Cyber Operations Targeting the Health Care Sector

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May 21st, 2020

Healthcare Workers with Chronic Illness on Coronavirus Frontlines: The Need for Accommodations


Apr 20th, 2020

Moral Courage in the Coronavirus: A Guide for Medical Providers and Institutions

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Mar 18th, 2020

Letter to the Editor: The Best Way to Protect Hospitals in Wartime—Enforce Existing Law


Oct 24th, 2016

Letter to the Editor: Bombing Hospitals: Why Bad Actors—Not the Laws of War—Are to Blame


Oct 21st, 2016

Military Attacks on “Hospitals Shields”: The Law Itself is Partly to Blame

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Oct 20th, 2016

A quick response to John Merriam on proportionality and military medical personnel


Jul 9th, 2016

Must Military Medical and Religious Personnel Be Accounted for in a Proportionality Analysis?


Jul 8th, 2016

Troubling proportionality and rule-of-distinction provisions in the Law of War Manual


Jun 27th, 2016

The Law of War Manual’s Threat to the Principle of Proportionality


Jun 23rd, 2016