Mark Meadows

Master Calendar of Trump Court Dates: Criminal and Civil Cases

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Apr 28th, 2024

Anatomy of a Conspiracy Theory and a Smear: Still, No Evidence of Trump Order for 10,000 Guard on January 6th


Mar 12th, 2024

The Best Defense: How Attorneys Advise Clients Through the Mental Process of a Plea Bargain


Sep 7th, 2023

Answering Judge Jones’ Question About Removal of Meadows’ Case

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Aug 30th, 2023

Removal of Criminal Cases to Federal Court: 25 FAQ’s

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Aug 28th, 2023

The Hatch Act Bars Meadows’ Removal Bid

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Aug 27th, 2023

The Just Security Podcast: The Trump Indictment in Georgia

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Aug 17th, 2023

The Fulton County DA’s Options: Multi-Defendant Trial(s) and the Paths Ahead


Aug 15th, 2023

Deciphering the Trump Indictment from the Apparent Fulton County Docket Entry

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Aug 14th, 2023

Will Mark Meadows Be A Principal Witness Against Donald Trump?


Aug 8th, 2023

Trump on Trial: A Model Prosecution Memo for Federal Election Interference Crimes

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Jul 13th, 2023

Speech or Debate Immunity Will Not Protect Scott Perry’s Phone

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Feb 23rd, 2023

Tracker: Evidence of Trump’s Knowledge and Involvement in Retaining Mar-a-Lago Documents

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Jan 19th, 2023

Highlights from the Criminal Evidence Tracker’s Reports on Seven Hearings by the January 6th Committee

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Jul 21st, 2022

How Stalling Tactics Could Still Constrain the January 6 Committee


Dec 20th, 2021

Expert Explainer: On Verizon’s Deadline for Turning Over Meadows’ Records to Congress

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Dec 16th, 2021

DOJ Should Investigate Jeff Clark and Mark Meadows for Political Coercion Act and Hatch Act Violations

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Aug 26th, 2021

Mark Meadows Timeline: The Chief of Staff and Schemes to Overturn 2020 Election

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Aug 8th, 2021