New Suit Against Liberia at ECOWAS Court of Justice Seeks Accountability for Civil War-Era Massacre

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Nov 29th, 2022

From Syria Torture Trial to Liberian Massacre Case – A Plea for Bolstering Witness Protections in Human Rights Litigation


Jan 13th, 2022

Historic Judgment in Liberian Massacre Case Advances US Law

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Oct 11th, 2021

Why Religious Persecution Justifies U.S. Legislation on Crimes Against Humanity


Oct 6th, 2021

Next Steps in Liberia’s Long Quest for Justice, 10 Years After Commission Report

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Dec 3rd, 2019

Liberian War Crimes Claims Survive in Alien Tort Statute Case

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Feb 27th, 2019

International Law Roundup: Part III


Sep 9th, 2018

International Criminal Law Roundup: Part II


Sep 7th, 2018

Continued Fight for Accountability in Liberia: Another Landmark U.S. Court Decision

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Jul 12th, 2018

Historic Moment for Liberians: Warlord Sentenced to 30 Years


Apr 24th, 2018

Using U.S. Courts to Promote Accountability for the 1990 Liberian Church Massacre and Beyond

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Feb 26th, 2018

Mohammed Jabbateh Conviction: A Human Rights Trial Cloaked in Immigration Crimes


Nov 7th, 2017