Executive Power

Crossing Back Over: Time to Reform Legal Culture and Legal Practice of the “War on Terror”

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Sep 10th, 2021

Is Climate Change a National Emergency?


Feb 25th, 2021

Biden Executive Actions Make Unity Possible for Millions of Marginalized Americans


Feb 16th, 2021

US Human Rights Policy: How to Really Build Back Better

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Jan 19th, 2021

Supreme Court Preview: Collins v. Mnuchin and the Expanding ‘Unitary Executive’ Theory


Dec 8th, 2020

Climate Change, National Security, & the New Commander-in-Chief


Dec 2nd, 2020

A Post-Election Trump Firing Makes the Case for an Independent, Regulatory CISA


Dec 1st, 2020

A Radically (Modest) Bureaucratic Proposal to Strengthen Democracy and Human Rights at Home and Abroad

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Oct 30th, 2020

The President and Immigration Law: The Danger and Promise of Presidential Power


Oct 19th, 2020

The President and Immigration Law: Introduction to a Just Security Series

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Oct 12th, 2020

Trump Can’t Lawfully Use Armed Forces to Sway the Election: Understanding the Legal Boundaries

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Sep 23rd, 2020

Bringing Abolition to National Security


Aug 27th, 2020

Executive Absolutism on Trial


Aug 17th, 2020

Is the Pardon Power Unlimited?

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Jul 11th, 2020

Colombian Peace Efforts on Life Support Amid the COVID-19 Response


Jul 9th, 2020

The Demise of Government: The Grim Task of Undoing Trump’s Damage

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Jul 1st, 2020

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