Robert S. Taylor

Guest Author

Robert S. Taylor previously served as Principal Deputy General Counsel, Department of Defense.  He was appointed to that position in April 2009 by Secretary Gates, to serve under then-General Counsel Jeh Johnson, and he continued to serve under Stephen Preston and Jennifer O’Connor.  In that position, subject to the overall direction of the General Counsel, Mr. Taylor provided oversight, guidance, and direction regarding legal advice on all matters within or affecting the Department of Defense, including the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Military Departments, and the Defense Agencies.   Legal issues within his purview included questions concerning the use of force, intelligence collection, cyber security and operations, acquisition, personnel, military justice, fiscal matters, and environmental compliance.

In addition to his service as Principal Deputy, Mr. Taylor served as Deputy General Counsel for Environment and Installations during the Clinton Administration, and the first year of the George W. Bush Administration, and as the Acting General Counsel of DoD for two extended periods during the Obama Administration. 

He currently is on the advisory boards of the Center for Climate & Security, and of the Tech, Law, and Security Program at the Washington College of Law (American University).

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