Hanah Stiverson

Hanah Stiverson (@hanahstiverson) is an Extremism Researcher at Human Rights First where she provides expertise on misogyny and militarization within the U.S. antidemocratic far-right. 
She is completing her PhD in American Culture at the University of Michigan with a focus on far-right extremism in the United States. Her work is concerned with the rising fascist movement and how it has integrated into mainstream spaces through digital recruitment, branding, and social networking. Hanah has worked with a variety of organizations focused on inequity as a fellow and mentor, including the Institute for Research on Male Supremacism (IRMS). She has likewise acted as a senior member of the Digital Inequalities Lab at the University of Michigan where she coordinated a co-authored publication on the COVID crises. During her time at the University of Michigan she designed and taught undergraduate courses focused on the U.S. far-right. Hanah has presented at major national and international conferences on topics ranging from extremism in the military, right-wing digital fascism, and extremist social movements. 

Her co-authored book, titled “Racist Zoombombing,” details the racist hate speech and online harassment faced by users of the platform Zoom during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic. She is also on LinkedIn

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