Robert U. Nagel

Guest Author

Dr. Robert Ulrich Nagel (@robertunagel) is a postdoctoral fellow at the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security (GIWPS). His research at GIWPS focuses on women’s impact on peacekeeping mission effectiveness. Prior to joining GIWPS, Robert earned his PhD in International Conflict Analysis at the University of Kent. His research explores the conflict dynamics that contribute and result from sexual violence, their consequences for international security, conflict resolution, and post-conflict stability. Robert’s research is published or forthcoming in the Journal of Conflict Resolution and the Journal of Peace Research. He has won the International Studies Association 2020 Dina Zinnes Award and the 2019 Cedric Smith Prize from the Conflict Research Society. He is also a member of the editorial team for International Peacekeeping and a member of the Consultative Group for the Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict (SVAC) dataset.

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