Robert Morgus

Guest Author

Robert Morgus is the Director of Research and Analysis for Task Force 2 of the U.S. Cyberspace Solarium Commission. Before the Commission, he was the Deputy Director of the Cybersecurity Initiative at New America, where he remains a non-resident Cybersecurity Policy Fellow. At New America, his research focused on mechanisms to counter the spread of offensive cyber capability, cybersecurity and international governance, and Russian internet doctrine. Morgus has spoken about cybersecurity at a number of international forums including NATO’s CyCon, the Global Conference on Cyberspace at The Hague, and CyFy. His research has been published and recognized by the New York Times, Slate, the IEEE, peer-reviewed academic journals, and numerous other national and international outlets. Morgus serves as a  Research Advisor for the Global Commission on Internet Governance, as well as the Global Forum on Cyber Expertise, and has served as an expert advisor for the World Economic Forum.


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