Joseph Margulies

Guest Author

For those who care about titles, I am a Professor of the Practice of Law and Government at Cornell University. Like most people, however, I have diverse interests that are not well captured by the content of my business card. Wearing my academic hat, I have written a slew of articles and three books: Thanks for Everything (Now Get Out): Can We Restore Neighborhoods Without Destroying Them (Yale 2021); What Changed When Everything Changed: 9/11 and the Making of National Identity (Yale 2013), and Guantánamo and the Abuse of Presidential Power (Simon & Schuster 2006). Guantánamo won a bunch of awards, which was very nice. I am working on a book about forgiveness in the criminal justice system. Wearing my litigator hat, I was counsel in Rasul v. Bush (2004), involving detentions at the Guantánamo Bay Naval Station, and in Geren v. Omar & Munaf v. Geren (2008), involving detentions at Camp Cropper in Iraq, and am presently counsel in US v. Husayn, involving detention and torture at a black site in Poland.

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