James Blake

Guest Author

James Blake is a journalist and analyst and advisor. For more than a decade, he has worked at the intersection of international security, humanitarian crises and refugee and migration issues, which includes advising world leaders, international businesses and large NGOs.

In 2015, James was in Turkey conducting interviews with Syrian, Iraqi and Aghan refugees fleeing into Europe as part of the International Rescue Committee’s preparation for what became the European Refugee Crisis. He subsequently helped advise the organization in setting up programs and advocating on behalf of the refugees to international governments.

More recently, he alerted the international community to the humanitarian and human rights crisis as a result of the US migration polices in Central America, which included research, interviews and fieldwork in El Salvador and Guatemala. He has also conducted interviews and research in Tijuana and northern Mexico, including with asylum seekers fleeing Central America into the US, while also investigating how Mexican cartels are moving into fentanyl smuggling and how they distribute the drugs across the US. He also spent time looking into issues of corruption and criminal groups.

James has also acted as a ghostwriter and advisor to global Mayors attached to the Mayors Migration Council, which includes the Mayors of Los Angeles, Milan and Bristol. He advised the group of mayors in their efforts to establish the Mayors Migration Council which is changing international policy around refugees and migration from walls and division to open inclusive cities.

James regularly publish articles for Foreign Policy, and investigative articles for Jane’s Intelligence Review, the New Humanitarian and gives interviews to leading outlets including the BBC, Channel 4 News, CBC Canada.

During his career, James also advised the International Monetary Fund on security and intelligence developments in the Middle East and North Africa, which included following a coup in Egypt and in the aftermath of terrorist attacks in Afghanistan, and worked for two leading intelligence advisory firms. He has written risk assessments on terrorism and geopolitical issues for some of the world’s largest companies.

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