New York Times national security correspondent Charlie Savage reported that the Biden administration has issued a still-classified policy on some types of counterterrorism operations, such as drone strikes and special forces raids. That policy, the Presidential Policy Memorandum (PPM), follows earlier guidance from the Obama and Trump administrations.

For reactions to the PPM, Just Security has published a written mini-series from our lineup of expert authors. On this week’s podcast episode, Executive Editors Luke Hartig and Oona Hathaway discuss the Biden plan and what it all means for U.S. counterterrorism efforts and forever war.

This episode is the pilot for Just Security’s new podcast series. Coming soon: Douglas London (on Putin’s mind), Andrew McCabe and Asha Rangappa (on the FBI and January 6th), and Joyce Vance and Andrew Weissmann (on the Mar-a-Lago investigation). Please subscribe wherever you enjoy listening to podcasts.