As the January 6th Select Committee investigating the attack on the U.S. Capitol heads toward more public hearings later this month and eventually issuing a final report, we collaborated with a team at Protect Democracy to produce a “Citizens Guide to January 6th and Ongoing Threats to Democracy.”

The Guide covers many issues as shown in the Table of Contents below.

The two of us co-authored Chapter 1, which we believe is the most comprehensive account to date of the committee’s findings and other publicly available information. At the first public hearing of the bipartisan House Select Committee this summer, Vice Chair Liz Cheney said, “Donald Trump oversaw and coordinated a sophisticated seven-part plan to overturn the Presidential election and prevent the transfer of Presidential power.” Over the course of eight hearings, the committee provided detailed evidence filling out the record for each of those seven parts. 

In our 28-page Comprehensive Guide to the Evidentiary Record, we provide detailed summaries organized according to that seven-part scheme. 

Table of Contents for the Guide

By Jon Steinman, Ryan Goodman, William Ford, Sang-Min Kim

1. The January 6th Hearings: A Comprehensive Guide to the Evidentiary Record
By Ryan Goodman & Sang-Min Kim

Criminal Law Framework

Glossary of Names

The Seven-Part Scheme:

    1. Spreading the Big Lie
    2. Pressuring Department of Justice
    3. Pressuring Vice President Pence
    4. Pressuring State Officials
    5. Organizing False Alternative Slates of Electors
    6. Summoning and Directing the Mob
    7. Failure to Stop the Attack on the Capitol

Postscript 1: Seeking Pardons
Postscript 2: Destruction of Government Records

2. Election-Related Falsehoods and their Consequences
By Jon Steinman and William Ford

3. How to Stay Informed
By Jon Steinman, Ryan Goodman, William Ford, Sang-Min Kim 

 The Guide is available as a Scribd file below and as a PDF.

Citizens Guide to January 6th and Ongoing Threats to Democracy by Just Security on Scribd