Just Security will be on an annual hiatus for the week of Aug. 1. During this period, we will continue to publish the Early Edition, a curated summary of global and U.S. news each weekday morning. As a reminder, you can sign up for an email version of the Early Edition. We use your email address only to send you the specific content that you request, such as the Early Edition.

Readers may be interested in catching up on some of our recent content, including a new Russia-Ukraine War Archive, which organizes more than 100 articles we have published on the topic, including many with Ukrainian translations.

Be sure, also, to check out our January 6th Clearinghouse and related analyses. And on the right side of our home page, you’ll find a cornucopia of resources – litigation trackers, series, and timelines.

No wonder we need a break!

Looking forward to being back next week.