[Editor’s note: Just Security is publishing a series in conversation with Sidney Blumenthal’s “An Open Memo: Comparison of Clinton Impeachment, Nixon Impeachment and Trump Pre-Impeachment.” Other authors in the series include Ryan Goodman, Hon. Elizabeth HoltzmanKevin Kruse and Julian Zelizer (co-authored), Jill Wine-Banks, and Walter Pincus.]

I agree with Sidney Blumenthal’s analysis and conclusion that a Trump impeachment is not like President Clinton’s (which I followed closely as a MSNBC contributor; now I am following all this as a CNN contributor).

I also agree with Speaker Pelosi’s current approach of getting the American people educated, which Blumenthal’s summary shows occurred with President Nixon. Americans remain highly uninformed about President Trump. If the House sent Articles of Impeachment to the Senate, they would fail at this time, with a straight party-line vote. Give Trump time and he will, as the Speaker said, “self impeach.” That, in effect, is what Nixon did.


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