We are thrilled to announce that Andy Wright will assume the position of Senior Fellow and Founding Editor at Just Security on August 1, 2018. Many Just Security readers will be familiar with Wright’s writings at Just Security and in law reviews on a wide range of U.S. national security topics. Wright has worked in the White House Counsel’s Office, the Congressional Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, in private practice as a litigator and white collar criminal defense attorney, and as a professor at Savannah Law School. His highly regarded expertise in criminal procedure, congressional investigations, intra-executive branch relations, congressional-executive relations, presidential powers, and more is now more valuable than ever. As a Senior Fellow, Wright will work on a full-time basis along with the leadership of Just Security in bringing expert analysis to bear on the most pressing national security and rule of law issues. We are overjoyed that Andy has agreed to join Just Security in this new capacity, and we hope you will join us in welcoming him.