Sessions’ Firing of McCabe, 2016 Campaign Recusal, Clinton Foundation Promise to Recuse

Trump-Russia Investigation, WikiLeaks-Trump Campaign Connections, Indictment of Russian Individuals and Entities

UK Response to Salisbury Incident, International Criminal Court, Laws of War

Undocumented Immigration, Stay of Expedited Removal, Habeas Corpus, Castro v. DHS

Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy Review, UNSC Res. 1963, Human Rights Compliance

Gina Haspel Nomination, CIA Black Site Program, Torture Victims’ Lawsuit, Judicial Appointments

Cloud Act, MLAT Process, Privacy and Human Rights, Cross-Border Data Access

Asylum Seekers, Immigration and Nationality Act, Jennings v. Rodriguez 

Report on the Use of Force, Public Disclosure, Transparency

Legal Basis for U.S. Use of Force in Syria, Ongoing Duty to Meet “Unwilling and Unable” Standard

Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitution, Immigration Raids, Sanctuary Jurisdictions

Rex Tillerson Departure, State Department Leadership Vacancies, Trump Loyalists

Foreign Agents Registration Act Reform, International Nonprofits, Cross-Border Activities

Trump Replacing AG Jeff Sessions, Vacancies Reform Act, Senate Confirmation

ICE Extreme Vetting Initiative, Anti-Muslim Discrimination, Free Speech

Yemen, U.S. Military Support for Saudi-Led Coalition, De-escalation

National Security Law Podcast, CFIUS, Russia Sanctions, Al-Nashiri, Doe v. Mattis

Just Security Podcast, Civilian Casualties, Targeted Killings, Human Rights