We wanted to flag for interested readers a helpful resource, the Department of Defense’s website for the Periodic Review Secretariat (PRS), the body responsible for the administrative functions of the Periodic Review Board (PRB).  This website would prove useful to anyone following, researching, or with interest in the PRB’s ongoing review, specifically, or issues related to detention at Guantanamo Bay, more broadly.

For those unfamiliar with the PRB, the review board–which consists of officials from the DOD, DHS, DOJ, the State Department, the Joint Staff, and the Office of the DNI–is charged with reviewing “whether continued detention of particular individuals held at Guantanamo remains necessary to protect against a continuing significant threat to the security of the United States,” but does not make legal determinations of whether a particular detention is legally authorized (under the AUMF or the laws of war).  For more insight on the PRB, see Daphne’s earlier post discussing the need for greater public access at review board hearings.

The site includes a helpful introduction to the PRB and, perhaps most interesting, up-to-date information on the status of current review cases, including documents from hearings.

We’ll definitely be bookmarking the PRS’s website here at Just Security and encourage you to do the same.