Recap of Recent Pieces on Just Security (Jan. 27-Feb. 3)

Nunes Memo, FISA Warrant Application Process, Politicizing Intelligence

Trump-Russia Investigation, Concealing Evidence, “Perjury Traps”

Department of State, Civil Service Institutional Values, Public Service

Bloody Nose Strategy, Legal Definition of Armed Attack, Self-Defense

Warrantless Border Searches, Traveler Redress Complaints

DHS-DOJ Report on Terrorism, Diversity Lottery, Information Quality Act

Trump Administration Immigration Policy, Dreamers, Refugees

Intelligence Reform, Transnational Threats, Whole-of-Government Approach

Bangladesh, ICC Rome Statute, Paramilitary Human Rights Violations

The Internationalists, State Conflicts with Non-State Armed Groups, IHL

National Security Law Podcast, Nunes Memo, State of the Union Address

Norms Watch, Politicizing Intelligence, Financial Conflicts of Interest


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